Basel III Not Viewed as a "Burden" by Basel Committee

"I don't see Basel III as a burden - I see a compelling case to get it done" said Carolyn Rogers, Secretary General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in the ECB Supervision Newsletter.  This quote came as a part of her comments responding to the question of whether the implementation of Basel III reforms in the aftermath of the pandemic was creating an extra burden on banks (and financial institutions). 

Rogers noted that a healthy, well-capitalised banking system can support an economy, even under severe stress. This is in contrast to what was learned during the great financial crisis, which was that weak banks not only create a financial crisis but they can also amplify the effects of that crisis on the real economy. 

WOCCU's concern with the statement, however, continues to be the indifference by the Basel Committee to smaller, less complex, community based financial institutions such as credit unions where clearly the Basel III reforms have increased complexity, regulatory burden, and in some instances the ability to serve rural or underserved markets.  

A complete copy of the interview can be viewed here.