European Council Approves New Law to Promote the Availability of Data

On May 16, 2022, the European Council approved the Data Governance Act, “to promote the availability of data and build a trustworthy environment to facilitate their use for research and the creation of innovative new services and products.” The Act aims to create a system where the reuse of specific public-sector data categories (trade secrets, personal data and data protected by intellectual property rights), are protected to safeguard privacy and confidentiality. This act accompanies the 2019 Open Data Directive, which covers other data categories including but not limited to material held by ministries, state agencies, municipalities, and organizations largely funded by or under the control of public authorities, i.e., meteorological institutes. A single access point consisting of a searchable electronic register of public-sector data will be made available by the European Commission. The Act further intends to implement a framework for data intermediation services via a digital services platform to provide a secure data sharing network for individuals and companies; simplify voluntary data availability for the common good or “objectives of general interest” (i.e. medical research projects), through a national register; and create safeguards for personal data.

More information on the Data Governance Act is available here.

Council of the European Union