Artificial Intelligence Highlighted in New Report by BIS

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) released a special chapter on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its new Annual Economic Report of 2024. The increased use of AI has significant implications for the financial system and its stability. The report highlights the impact of AI on Central Banks and the need to anticipate AI’s impact across the economy. Looking forward, Central Banks will need to determine how best to utilize AI in their own operations, especially in the area of data and data governance. The quick rise in adoption of AI within the financial sector and larger economy implies there is an urgent need for Central Banks to quickly increase their understanding both as informed observers of technology advancements as well as users of the technology itself.

The report provides an overview of developments in AI and the underlying technology. It also examines the implications of AI on the financial sector as well as emerging opportunities and challenges for Central Banks.

Click here to read the special chapter on AI.

Bank of International Settlements